P&P Family Office

Your independent Swiss Multi Family Office orchestrating Tax, Asset and Risk Management

We are an independent boutique Multi Family Office based in Switzerland providing our clients an encompassing and independent service for the professional management of their financial affairs.

We follow a unique and integrated wealth management approach by coordinating and orchestrating tax, asset and risk management services provided by best-in-class third parties. Through the optimization of all performance-related aspects – including investment returns, taxes and fees – our clients are able to increase their overall after-tax returns.

Our clients include private individuals with bankable assets between five million and two hundred million Swiss Francs and their families, as well as standalone foundations, trusts and other legal entities interested in holistic tax, asset and risk management services.

Our Approach

We believe that wealth management should be organized comprehensively, taking into account three core pillars (tax, asset and risk management) as well as extended services.

Tax Management

Wide offer of tax-related services such as tax return filing, tax reclaim services and tax restructuring.

PP Family Office - Asset Management

Asset Management

Assistance in the selection of asset managers and banks, in the strategic allocation of assets and in the elaboration of a personalized risk profile and corresponding investment guidelines.

Risk Management

Variety of services including asset protection, consolidated reporting, investment controlling and asset manager evaluation.

Extended Services

Extended services are highly customizable and are based on our client’s individual needs.