We are an independent boutique Multi Family Office based in the heart of Switzerland. At the P&P Family Office, we believe that wealth management should be organized comprehensively, taking into account tax, asset and risk management.

PP Family Office - About

A Team of Experts

Our highly-qualified team consists of professionals who have a strong academic background and who have worked many years with leading providers in the area of tax, asset and risk management.

These combined skills enable our team to negotiate in an efficient and independent manner with a variety of family office providers such as financial institutions, asset managers, legal advisors, accounting firms, tax lawyers and auditors.

Our Focus

We follow a truly collaborative and integrated wealth management approach by focusing on three main service pillars: tax, asset and risk management.

Understanding the interdependence between tax, asset and risk management is the ground for a long-term value creation.

Our Strategy

We organize wealthy individuals’ assets by selecting and orchestrating the best-in-class service providers in the tax, assets and risk management industries.

Through constant monitoring and controlling of third-party service providers, we significantly increase our client’s performance after taxes and fees in a compliant and sustainable manner.

Our Values

Quality, transparency and integrity are our core values and highest priorities.

Our business model allows us to serve our clients as a trustworthy single point of contact with no conflict of interest.