The P&P Family Office prides itself on being a unique Family Office, as our business model diverges from traditional Multi Family Offices. Although we have broad expertise and knowledge in the field of tax, asset and risk management, in general we do not provide any such services ourselves but we follow a best-in-class service approach.

PP Family Office - Services

Benefit from a unique approach

As a wealthy individual with bankable assets between five million to two hundred million Swiss Francs you typically get served as private banking client without having access to institutional fees.

We believe that wealth management should be organized comprehensively taking tax, asset and risk management into account. Through the optimization of all performance-related aspects – including investment returns, taxes and fees – our clients are able to increase their overall after-tax returns. A state-of-the-art risk management constantly supervises banks and asset managers. This approach is unmatched in today’s financial services industry.

Tax Management

The worldwide tax environment is changing rapidly and significantly. As a result, exchange of information, reporting standards and disclosure policies have become as important as collecting taxes itself, forcing taxpayers to rethink their approach to taxes.

With a clear understanding of this new global context, we conjugate tax management with asset and risk management, offering our clients a holistic approach towards their wealth management strategies. By combining and complementing the three pillars, we optimize after-tax returns while ensuring wealthy individuals have a fully compliant and sustainable tax strategy in place, lowering tax risks and challenges considerably.


  • Tax assessment and eventual tax structuring. Includes direct and indirect taxes (succession and gift taxes, financial transaction taxes).
  • Tax efficient portfolios. Optimization of the portfolio taking into account tax implications (double tax conventions, residency of the investor, etc.).
  • Tax returns. Preparation and filing of tax returns in the relevant countries.
  • Tax reclaim services. Coordinating the reimbursement of withholding taxes across jurisdictions.
  • Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI). Advisory and reporting services relating to the information regimes to ensure cross-border compliance.
PP Family Office - Asset Management

Asset Management

The development of a proper investment strategy that fits the client’s risk profile is pivotal to reach the client’s financial goals. We assist in the development and definition of individual investment guidelines that are summarized in a personal investment framework. These instructions serve as a protocol and guide the path for a state-of-the-art asset management.

The evaluation and selection of the best-suited asset managers is based on a diversified network of asset managers. Thanks to economies of scale and our negotiation power, we ensure our clients receive access to institutional fees.


  • Client risk profile. Assessment and definition of the client’s risk profile and the client’s ESG preferences. Development of an optimized and tailor-made investment strategy that is fully aligned with such a risk and ESG profile.
  • Definition of investment guidelines. Elaboration of an investment framework that lays the basis for a state-of-the-art asset management.
  • Asset manager and custody bank selection. Investment implementation through a diversified network of best-in-class asset managers with an agreement on institutional terms.
  • Fee negotiation. We reduce overall costs by systematically negotiating fees as institutional players with asset managers and banks.
  • Joint investments. Alternative investment opportunities deriving from pooling assets with other P&P Family Office clients.

Risk Management

We constantly monitor the selected service providers to ensure compliance with the defined investment guidelines. Our state-of-the-art risk management technology helps us to overview all relevant assets, control the fees and costs charged by banks and asset managers and detect any inconsistencies immediately.

Our software allows clients to overview their assets anytime and anywhere, supporting timely and informed decisions. Highly visual, consolidated reporting across banks and assets classes ensure a maximum level of transparency. We evaluate the service providers’ performance and hold regular private investment meetings with our clients.


  • Client onboarding. Consideration of the client’s overall income and wealth situation and risk assessment to develop a fully customized investment strategy.
  • Consolidated reporting. Consolidation of all assets (incl. non-bankable assets) in a multi-bank setup to provide a holistic wealth overview.
  • Investment controlling. Monitoring and controlling of mandated asset managers to ensure compliance with investment guidelines.
  • Monitoring of costs and fees. Ongoing auditing of custody banks and asset managers. Portfolio health check.
  • Performance evaluation. Regular assessment of asset managers and banks to ensure satisfactory returns.
  • Data protection. Secure storage of documentation in protected servers. Cloud services.

The P&P Family Office offering includes integrated services across the three pillars of tax, asset and risk management, and can be enhanced through the addition of Extended Services such as fiduciary services, real estate services, concierge services, family governance, etc.